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Riikka Leppänen

Riikka Leppänen

Patent Assistant

Telephone: +358 9 6859 5614


Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

"It's nice to learn something new every week, whether it's about the patent processes of some other country, or the latest innovation by one of our clients. We have a great, encouraging work atmosphere, and it feels like we're always working towards the same goal, even across team borders."

Riikka began work at Laine IP in 2014. She works as patent assistant on the electronics team, where her responsibilities include handling incoming mail as well as registering and monitoring deadlines for the U.S. and electronics teams. Her tasks also include communication with clients and international patent agencies and offices, in addition to the formalities of patent application filing and official correspondence.

Riikka holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.